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Find the hidden viruses that are hiding in concealed folders on your memory stick

Find the hidden viruses that are hiding in concealed folders on your memory stick

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What is USB Show

USB-show is a useful piece of software that reveals hidden files and folders on a USB device. The most common use of USB-show is to identify malicious files that may have been installed onto the USB device without the user's consent. USB-show can also be used to reveal non-malicious files that have been hidden from plain view. Non-malicious hidden files can sometimes be accidentally hidden by the user or intentionally hidden by malicious software.

USB-show scans the attached device, identifies the hidden files, and places them in an easy to access location so that you can determine whether the file belongs on the device or not. USB-show is a very lightweight package and requires very little computer resources or technical know-how to operate. USB-show also allows the user to easily back up or remove any hidden files that it detects, providing the user with a sense of security that their files will not be tampered with by the software.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of USB-show is that it allows you to make the most out of a USB device. Aside from allowing you to see precisely what is on the device, USB-show also optimizes the attached device by searching for obscured files. Hidden files can take up a great deal of space on a flash drive and even hamper your ability to move files and folders onto and off of the device. A final benefit that USB-show provides can be found in its versatility. Despite the name, USB-show can help the user detect hidden files on practically any external device.

The biggest drawback of USB-show can be found in its native supported language. USB-shown was designed be Spanish developers, and the English translation is rough at best. However, the program is fairly easy to use and so the rough translation should not cause too much of an issue for the average user - particularly since the user interface only has one button to press. Another drawback of this program can be found in the length of time it requires to operate. If an attached device is particularly large, USB-show can take quite a bit of time to complete the scan for hidden files. Finally, the trial period may turn away some users looking for freeware.

  • Very lightweight at less than 1 MB
  • Simple to use
  • Can be used on more than just a flash drive
  • Can be useful for virus detection on external devices
  • Effective at optimizing the device in question
  • Programmed by Spanish developers, so usage can be tricky for English speakers
  • Only free for a trial period
  • Can take quite a bit of time to work if the scanned device is large